Places inhabit us as much as we inhabit them. I am interested in how architecture embodies physical and mental structures, and in how those structures bleed into our personal and social identity.

The spaces in which we live are testament to a never ending cycle of construction and destruction. An epoch and its political system materially embed themselves in the built environment. As one period gives way to another, layer upon living layer of architecture and history accumulate.

My practice predominately focuses on sites that have been shaken by these changing realities. I explore places with an unstable identity, their subsidence and displacements, their indeterminate ambiguous skins. I aim to construct liminal spaces – hybrids – that are an architecture of space and memory.


Born 1976 in Góra, Poland.

Presently Assistant Professor (Drawing), University of Arts, Poznan.

2008 - 2010, MA in Fine Art (Photography), Royal College of Art, London.

2000 - 2002, MA in Fine Art (Drawing and Printing), Academy of Fine Art, Poznan.

1995 - 2000, MA in Fine Art (Art Education), Academy of Fine Art, Poznan.

selected exhibitions

MIEJSCE, Galeria Foksal, Warsaw.
Borders. Transmissions and Transmutations, Gallery El, Elblag.

Unit, Galeria BWA, Gorzów (solo).

NET- ART OF DIALOGUE 2, Profile Foundation, Warsaw.
The Metamorphosis of Idea, Arsenał Gallery, Poznan.
Niepodobni, Wydział Fizyki UAM, Poznan.

Undo, Galeria AT, Poznan (solo).
Points of Convergence, CK Zamek, Poznan.

Room 610, Room 609, Galeria Muzalewska, Poznan (solo).
Dis-location, Galeria Oko i Ucho, Poznan (solo).
Waterfalls, Słodownia+1, Stary Browar, Poznan.

Variations, with Marika Lehmann, International Festival OUR CHOPIN 10/30 INSPIRATIONS, Kalisz.
No Explanation, Galeria Miejska Arsenał, Poznan.
Show ONE, Royal College of Art, London.

RCA Secret 2009, Gulbenkian Galleries, Royal College of Art, London.
Battle of Ideas, Royal College of Art, London.

Double, Galeria Foksal, Warszawa (solo).
RCA Secret 2008, Gulbenkian Galleries, Royal College of Art, London.

Pauza, Galeria Rotunda, Poznan (solo).
Puls, Galeria Aneks, Poznan (solo).
151206 Galeria Oko i Ucho, Poznan.

2500<−>7000+, Galeria Muzalewska, Poznan (solo).
Art Fair, Art Station, Poznan.

Kolekcja ASP in Poznan, ASP Poznan,
Reading the Space, Plastyfikatory Gallery, Lubon.

Footnotes, Galeria Naprzeciw, Poznan (solo).
Oder/Odra, 2yk Galerie, Berlin.
Oder/Odra, Galeria Amfilada, Szczecin.
Oder/Odra, Kunst Bauwerk/Tabakfabrik, Vierraden.


2013 & 2014
Co-curator of the symposium Drawing Now: Drawing As Another Way Of Thinking. 36 exhibitions, lectures and presentations at UAP Poznan.

2006 - 2008
Co-curator of Aneks Gallery in Poznan.

Royal College of Art Bursary.

Royal College of Art Bursary.

City of Poznan Bursary.