Tentacle / Macka

Tentacle / Macka

Description / Opis

Tentacle, 2018.

An elongated object made of trylinka - the hexagonal pavement tiles - common in the previous economic system. Pavements covered by such tiles are increasingly rare in Polish towns and cities, as they are replaced by more contemporary tiles. An object made of hexagonal tiles recovered from the tearing up of old pavements echoes my interests in ideological systems that nest in the built environment. Tentacle lives a life of its own. The idea is to include multiple presentations / presences in different places and contexts. Tentacle lengthens or shortens, expands or shrinks, each time it creeps and crawls to a new location. Its size dependent on the place and context in which it will be placed. Is is more a site-sensitive than site-specific work.

Macka, 2018.

Obiekt skonstruowany z trylinki. W ideę Macki włączona jest jej wielokrotna prezentacja / obecność w różnych miejscach i kontekstach. Macka wydłuża się lub skraca, powiększa lub kurczy. Jej rozmiary zależą od miejsca i kontekstu w którym się znajdzie.